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Report 1500 words Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Report 1500 words - Essay Example Social factors are those which include the family backgrounds, the geographical areas, the socio-economic classes, and other factors relating to types of schools, teachers, and education. Primary schools in the UK suffer many social factors influencing the provision of education because UK is a multicultural society with various socio-economic classes, different types of schools such as private and public, and several family backgrounds. Schools teach socializing to students and give them common values according to which they develop their personalities away from their ethnic, cultural, or economic backgrounds (Hawkins, 2012, p. 116). However, at times the social factors intervene in the provision of education to students and affect their nurturing. There are some schools that are private and some public which affects the provision of education. Private schools consist of the students who belong to higher socio-economic classes. Such schools have teachers who provide high quality education to students and focus on their designed plans and curriculums; in addition to giving students ethical and religious values that would bring them closer to humanity and developing a strong personality. Public schools provide primary education to students coming from all sorts of social backgrounds. Even though these schools have governors, leaders, managers, and staff members who are continually monitored by the government, they often fail to minimize the differences between students. At times, language barriers and ethnic differences affect the provision of education in public schools as they are located in districts which ofte n have people from the same cultures, or people from diverse cultures (Sylva, 2010, p. 56). Socio-economic factors deal with the areas where the schools are located. Some students are situated in areas where there are ethnic minorities whereas some are located in low socio-economic areas. These

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Legal Analysis Memorandum Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Legal Analysis Memorandum - Assignment Example As well they observed the defendant handing a bag of white powder to someone standing beside the couch. After identifying themselves, and being granted entrance into the house, the police officers explained to all present what they had observed. At that point they saw sandwiched between cushions on the couch, what appeared to be a firearm. Upon inspection they discovered a total of four firearms, none of which were registered as required by DC law. Thereafter the police then conducted a pat-down search of Mr. Blake and everyone else in the room. The officers found that Mr. Blake had on his person a large amount of suspected marijuana, suspected cocaine, and money ($400). Another occupant of the room had a baggie of suspected cocaine (white powder). Mr. Blake was then charged with possession of a controlled substance, distribution of a controlled substance, and possession of an unregistered firearm. ... II. Rule: The â€Å"reasonable expectation of privacy† is determined by the findings in Minnesota v. Carter. As well determined by the Minnesota Court is the issue of whether Blake enjoyed the right to a Commercial Business based expectation of privacy since he and the owner of the house in question conducted business out of the basement of this house. The â€Å"lawfulness of the search† in this matter is settled by the case law in Rawlings v. Kentucky, where the Court specifically held that the search that was incident to the observation of drug parts and subsequent obtaining of a warrant was lawful although the evidence was found inside a purse which the defendant had put the drugs in just before the police arrived. Due to the temporality of the placement and proximity of the evidence to the Defendant, the defendant was not allowed to prevail on his argument of an unlawful search. The issue of whether the evidence was in â€Å"plain view† to the officers is add ressed by the Court in Horton v. California, which found this term to be defined broadly enough to cover the Blake scenario. The issue of a lawful search in a more intrusive scenario was determined to be unlawful because of the close proximity and no probable cause basis in the case of Florida v. Jardines. Finally, the issue of unlawful entry and subsequent violations thereto was addressed in Mapp v. Ohio, wherein the Court imposed the standard granted in the Fourth Amendment’s right to privacy on the States and their agents, in not allowing evidence that was seized without a warrant and against the will of the occupant of the house where there was no probable cause and a

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Louise Bourgeois Essay Example for Free

Louise Bourgeois Essay Much can be learned from the environment within which we live. What we see tells a lot about the society in which we live: belief system; politics; economic undertakings; kinship and material culture among others. Through material culture, we can get insight into the world that existed long before us. Culture can be defined as the way of life of people depicting their shared experiences, political and religious beliefs, technology, insights, attitudes, and material objects. (Li Karakowsky) The sublime can be defined as the priced greatness or vast intensity in terms of biological, moral, mental, metaphysical, beauty, art or religion. Sublime is experienced over and over. It is embedded in our history, being, values, thoughts, concepts, world views, beliefs, and is responsible for our personalities (Bernadac 2007 p20) Main Body One of America’s renowned artist and sculptor, Louise Bourgeois, managed to capture the American Sublime through her artistic undertaking. She was born in Paris, France in December 25, 1911 but traveled to America in 1938 to perfect her artistic endeavor. She studied mathematics at the Sorbonne, and painting and sculpture in Ecole du Louvre, Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and Art Students League of New York. She worked as an assistant to Fernand Henri Leger- a French sculptor, painter, and film maker. She is popular for her work that depicts spiders, sculptures, drawings and literary work (National Gallery of Canada 2005 p16). As a way of depicting the society in which she was living, Bourgeois work is full of inanimate images of horrifying fear, ghosts, darkness, tortured people, and disabling mental illness to attempt to get at the source of these emotions and to uphold normality even in times of chaos. Her works helped depict the intellectual climate, social and historical conditions that existed then. (Gorovoy et al 2006 pp 27 -28) She captured the effects of the First World War through carving limbless sculptures and detached limbs and had most of his paintings and sculptures painted black to depict death and mourning, (Gorovoy et al 2006 p 24) e. g. the two headless fabric bodies attempting to make love shown below. She depicts the revolution of the western politics, largely constructivism, through posters that expressed sympathy towards the Russian regime which she displayed in Moscow. The Tate Modern exhibition catalogue indicates her inclination towards Communism. Bourgeois made abstract art pieces that reflected on her childhood experiences showing how relationships within the family were entwined together thus bringing in the aspect of kinship, socialization and acculturation. This depicts how her art gives us insight to how children were brought up back then. (Lippard 2003 pp 9-10) Her Femme Maison and Fallen woman series introduced the aspect of liberation of women. They depicted a female struggling to outgrow some house like structures within which she is trapped – that is attempting to outgrow the masculinity into which the women were entrapped. She depicts a rebellion against the negative masculinity through her work, The Destruction of a Father, in which rock figures surround a sacrificial slab full of butchered body parts. Thus: It has been suggested that her sculpture, The Blind Leading the Blind, has a religious connotation. According to Desmond Michael and Lloyd Michael (1870-1970) Bourgeois, inspired by the Cold War, made this sculpture and that the title was picked from the New Testament verse (Matthew 15:14) that describes how a blind man leading another blind man would end up in a ditch. The structure is shown below (Bernadac 2007) Bourgeois contribution to the American Sublime is best captured in New Yorks Guggenheim Museum, the Centre Pompidou in Paris and Londons Tate Modern with their massive collection of her art work. In conclusion, the American Sublime has been captured through art in poetry, carvings, paintings, songs, books, and which take us back to the origins of the cultures of past American societies. Just like the origins of the American sublime can be traced through studying works of art, similarly, so can we understand much about its revolution from the contemporary art works. Louise Bourgeois has managed to get this through her sculptures, drawings and works of art – reflecting abstract as well as tangible aspects of living that relate to feelings, political standing, material culture, religious inclination, beliefs and kinship. References Bernadac, M (2007) â€Å"Louise Bourgeois† Rizzoli International North America pp 18 24 Gorovoy, J. , Carver R. Read C. (2006) â€Å"Louise Bourgeois† Bellport Press University of Michigan pp 21-35 Lippard R (2003) â€Å"Overlay: contemporary art and the art of prehistory† Pantheon Books NY pp 7-16 National Gallery of Canada (2005) â€Å"Louise Bourgeois Maman† National Gallery Canada press pp 14-17

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Philosophy :: social issues

Philosophy â€Å"Theories of Connectivity† paints a picture of our tomorrow. It names some of the advancements that we have made in technological areas. Everyday computer companies and universities are devising ways to insert computer systems into every facet of our lives. They have made GPS systems for our cars, palm pilots for easy Internet access, and digital jewelery for easy communication and information storage. We are in an age of network. â€Å"The average American house already contains more than 40 computers. Last year alone, eight billion new microprocessors came into the world.† Gleick traces our path of the present and future of technology. He simply lays out our undeniable urge to invent. When we were children, we played with our toys and loved to explore. Now that child-like motivation has evolved to a greater maturity, and toys are becoming our future. These devices may be complex, but it seems that the goal of electronic companies is to shrink the product in order to make it simpler to handle. Our technology, pervasive computing, seems to be taking over our world today. It seems that we are trying to eliminate human thought and, replace it with computers made by limited human minds. I will focus on Heidegger’s, Habermas’, and Marcuse’s philosophy and their response to today’s technology. Each philosopher has their own philosophy on technological advancements. They do not have the advantage of witnessing some of these new advancements and innovations, but their writing will shed some light on their thoughts. Heidegger believes that technology could be our greatest danger. It has caused such problems as ecological destruction, nuclear danger, and consumerism, and it is using technology to solve these problems, which is even worse. Our society seems to be taking away ration thought and diving deeper into technology to fix our problems. Heidegger will present a possible solution called the saving power. Habermas asks the question, â€Å"How is it possible to translate technically exploitable knowledge into the practical consciousness of a social life-world? He explains where technology should evolve and the power that it holds. He sees technology as a whole new way of life, but it must be applied to the life-world. He will present the knowledge –constitutive interest theory, which will better describe his stance on modern technology. Marcuse follows a thinking that â€Å"the machine†, industry, becomes the center of society. He is an instrumentalist, a view in which technology is neutral and it adds nothing to the ends it serves.

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Balance Sheet And Market Value

The most notable thing in the table presented above is the disparity between the actual market value and what is reported in ARC’s balance sheet. The balance sheet funding totaled to $1. 465 billion while the market value ballooned reaching $2, 390 billion. When compared, the difference is a staggering $20 million indicating that ARC owes more to its financiers than what it actually claims. The source of this huge difference is the disparity between the balance sheet amount of long-term debt and its market value. The company does not trade its bond so the yield is compared with companies issuing the same bonds.When converted to its present value, the book value is significantly lower than the market value. Another is the amount of stockholder’s equity. It should be noted that in reality, more funds are generated from the sale of stocks than their attributed value in the company’s books. The difference in the numbers has several implications when the capital struc ture of the company is considered. Two specific financial ratios are often computed in order to look at the risk entailed by a business organization—the debt ratio and the long term debt to equity. The debt ratio looks at the portion of the company’s asset which is financed by creditors.Accordingly, it â€Å"gives an idea to the leverage of the company along with the potential risks the company faces in terms of its debt-load† (Debt Ratio 2007). When computed using the balance sheet figures, ARC has a debt ratio of 68%. On the other hand, when market value is utilized the figure shrinks to 67%. This implies that 67-68% of ARC’s assets are financed by its creditors. In the industry as a whole, a higher debt ratio is an indication of higher financial risk because debt is often perceived as riskier method of financing. Thus, when market value is used, ARC has the chance of showing a better credit standing.The disparity is small but not insignificant. It shou ld be noted that investors often look at the credit exposure of the company by looking at the debt ratio. A small percentage can spell a huge difference when investors are making their choice. The debt to equity ratio on the other hand shows the proportion of creditors share to equity holders in the company’s resources. Accordingly, â€Å"A high debt/equity ratio generally means that a company has been aggressive in financing its growth with debt which can result in volatile earnings as a result of the additional interest expense† (Debt to Equity Ratio 2007).Using the balance sheet data, ARC’s debt to equity ratio is 2. 16 while market shows a lower 1. 98. Both of this data shows that ARC’s debt is much greater than its equity account. For the balance sheet data, every dollar in ARC’s equity is matched by a corresponding $2. 16 in total debt. On the other hand, market value data shows that every dollar of equity only has a corresponding 1. 98 debt. In general, the computed ratios show the high exposure of the company to financial risk.It should be noted that debt entails the payment of interest at regular intervals and face value (Keown et al 2005). References â€Å"Debt Ratio,† 2007, Investopedia. com. Retrieved 06 December 2007, from http://www. investopedia. com/terms/d/debtratio. asp â€Å"Debt to Equity Ratio,† 2007, Investopedia. com. Retrieved 06 December 2007, from http://www. investopedia. com/terms/d/debtequityratio. asp Keown, A. J. , Martin, J. D. , Petty, J. W. , and Scott Jr. , D. F, 2005, Financial Management principles and applications, Pearson/Prentice Hall International Edition, 10th Edition.

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Domestic Violence And Child Abuse - 962 Words

Unfortunately, seven years have now passed and Aaron now has a domestic violence (DV) criminal case pending as well as a possible child abuse case for the abuse of his son. It seems that Aaron has been having a lot of problem lately with the law as well as personal. However, those problem didn’t just start because as a child he had two adjudications of delinquency and served six months in a juvenile detention center for his actions. Yet, he did not learn his lesson from his younger actions and has now been arrested four times for aggravated assault as well as domestic battery that led to one conviction. Furthermore, he has been arrested two times for driving under the influence (DUI), and one of his DUI cases is slated for trial in three months. Therefore, he may be facing another conviction as well as some time in jail and fines once again for the DUI. Now Aaron lives with his girlfriend, Kelly and they have a two-year-old son, named Josiah. Unfortunately, for Aaron and Kelly they had to take Josiah to the hospital because he had been complaining that he was having some pain in his arm. Therefore, once at the hospital X-rays later showed that Josiah has a spiral fracture to his arm which is signs of child abuse. Therefore, Child Protective Services was called by the hospital staff and they placed Josiah into protective custody for his safety and so that they investigate the case. However, while at the emergency room for Josiah, some of the hospital staff also noticedShow MoreRelatedDomestic Violence And Child Abuse Essay1311 Words   |  6 PagesI chose to do my research on domestic violence and child abuse for many different reasons. As a young woman and hopefully a future mother, I wanted to be well educated on domestic violence and child abuse so that I can hopefully prevent these from happening to me of my future children. By researching domestic violence and child abuse I was able to learn about warning signs, as well as other useful information regarding these topics, such as where to seek help. Also, as someone who wants to be a teacherRead MoreDomestic Violence And Child Abuse1186 Words   |  5 PagesDomestic violence is the physical, mental, emotional, and/or sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior as part of a systematic pattern of power. A form of domestic violence is child abuse. According to Child Protective Services, each year more than three million reports of child abuse are made in the United States which involves more than six million victims. Cases can involve more than one child. Groups who are generally targeted are young females under the age of eighteen who are seen as vulnerableRead MoreDomestic Violence VS Animal Cruelty and Child Abuse1665 Words   |  7 Pagesstate should assist in seeking a greater protection for not only animals but human companions as well. In theory, there are a variety of reasons why people abuse animals. Animal cruelty covers a wide range of actions that can initially be broken down into two main categories; passive and active cruelty. The first is acts of omission, meaning abuse from lack of action to take care of their animals. Passive cruelty can be referred to cases of neglect of animals. Some examples of neglect are starvationRead MoreChild Abuse And Domestic Violence : Prevalence, Explanations, And Practice Implications Essay1239 Words   |  5 PagesJournal Articles Summary Article #1: Child Abuse in the Context of Domestic Violence: Prevalence, Explanations, and Practice Implications The journal article Child Abuse in the Context of Domestic Violence: Prevalence, Explanations, and Practice Implications, addresses three critical components in regards to child abuse resulting from domestic violence. The first component focuses on how often child abuse occurs in relation to domestically violent families. The second component of the journal articleRead MoreManifestations Of Abuse: The Link Between Animal Cruelty, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse1767 Words   |  7 PagesManifestations Of Abuse: The Link Between Animal Cruelty, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Idiosyncratic acts of animal cruelty toward a family pet are rare. Most often, this type of behavior is part of a pattern that indicates comorbid problems are present in the family system (DeGue DiLillo, 2009). Consequently, a large body of research has been dedicated to studying the components within these types of households (Ascione, 2001). Findings indicate that the abuse of animals and the abuse of childrenRead MoreThe Legal And Professional Issues Related Disorders, Domestic Violence And Child Abuse1290 Words   |  6 Pagesculturally diverse, therapeutic approaches of psychodynamic, Bowen, Structural, Solution-Focused and Narrative Family Therapies, the ethical, legal and professional issues in family therapy and working with substance related disorders, domestic violence and child abuse. Multiculturalism is a term used â€Å"to refer to distinct cultural groups within a region or nation and their needs† (p. 55). In providing family therapy to culturally diverse famil ies, it is essential for one to develop â€Å"openness to diversityRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Abuse896 Words   |  4 Pagesrelation to a child who witnesses abuse in his/her home at a young age? Introduction: What is domestic violence? â€Å"Domestic Violence is a pattern of behaviors used to establish power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often inclosing the threat or use of violence†(Safe Horizon, 2015). Domestic violence includes physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and exploitation; therefore, this is in relation to â€Å"intimate partner violence, battering, relationship abuse, spousalRead MoreChild Protection Service 1393 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic violence is a major problem that we are facing in our society; statistics estimate that each year in the â€Å"Untied States 5.3 million women and 3.2 million men are abused by [there] domestic partners† (Black, Dempsey, Davis 2010, 900). Domestic violence or family violence are defined as â€Å"the abuse of power within relationships of the family, trust or dependency that endangers the survival, security or well-being of another person. It can include many forms of abuse... [i ncluding] witnessingRead MoreEffects of Domestic Violence on Children1124 Words   |  5 PagesThe biggest victims of domestic violence are the littlest. The home is a suppose to be a safe and secure environment for children with loving parents and free from violence. Children need a secure environment where they can come home to when the outside world is unsafe. However, every year there are millions of children who’s homes are not a safe haven. Millions of children are exposed to a parent being violently assaulted. Domestic violence is a prevalent social issue in America today. First, whoRead MorePersonal Statement : Domestic Violence1002 Words   |  5 PagesEssay: Domestic Violence Attorney An individual who is responsible for subjecting their intimate partner to domestic violence is often controlling, manipulative, aggressive, violent, and dangerous. It is important for an individual who is experiencing any form of abuse should contact authorities to prevent any further abuse in the relationship. While the victim of domestic violence is constructing a plan for a safe escape, the victim will choose a domestic violence attorney. A domestic violence attorney

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Merit 1 †Compare and Contrast Two Businesses - 750 Words

Merit 1 – Compare and Contrast two businesses For this assignment I am going to compare and contrast two selected businesses. I will concentrate on their ownership and their aims and objectives. My first business is Tesco the biggest retail company in Britain. My second business is McDonald’s one of the largest franchise fast food outlets in the world. The aim of McDonald’s is to serve good food in a friendly and fun environment and to provide good returns to their share holders. So the purpose of McDonald’s is to satisfy their customer with high quality of food, quick service and value for money. The purpose of Tesco is to sell every day necessities to the whole population such as food, clothes, electric goods such as well as†¦show more content†¦A plc has more chance to become successfully. The company produce goods at lower unit cost and has bulk purchasing and cheaper borrowing. Another advantage of a franchise is that you use a recognized business name and reputation also the franchise benefit from advertising or promoting. The franchise has to share all the profit with the franchisor while Tesco which is a public limited company have to share their profit between a great numbers of people. Shares can be advertised and sold through the stock exchange. Another advantage of a public limited company it has more chance to become successful because they have thousand people who working for it, with many skills, idea and experiences. Franchisee is different from a public limited company has it is dependent on the franchisor skills. If the franchisor goes out of business or gets a bad reputation, this will cause problems in the business. One of the key similarities between these two types of ownership is liability. The franchise and public limited company have limited liability. This means protections of their shareholder from losing their personal finances if the company goes bankrupt. If the company fail they only lose their invested money in the business. If business wants to become a limited liability can it be complicated and expensive to set the business, decisions can take longer and it takes a lot of legal requirements. McDonald’s is a large company because it is run as a franchise soShow MoreRelatedTesco Boston Matrix and Ansoff Matrix1156 Words   |  5 PagesCRITERIA PROPOSED ASSESSMENT EVIDENCE (TBC) Assessment Evidence Answer paper The Learner should be able to: 1. Establish the importance of the marketing environment The Learner can: 1.1 Analyses the difference between micro and macro environmental factors 1.2 Compare and contrast a minimum of two tools such as SWOT and POWER SWOT and apply to business solutions 1.3 Critically contrast Primary and Secondary research methods 2.1 Evaluate the use of tools such as Boston and Ansoff Matrix to businessRead MoreSociological Perspectives On Life Chances Essay1343 Words   |  6 PagesTask 1 This essay is based on two main sociological perspectives such as Functionalism and Marxism. It will evaluate the view that differences in the life chances between social groups which are dependent on various social factors affecting the society and individuals. Furthermore, it will compare and contrast these two sociological perspectives. Life chances can have a positive or negative effect on individual’s lifetime in terms of their education, health, employment, income and housing. TheyRead MoreHuman Resource Management And Construction Industry1235 Words   |  5 Pages†¢ Introduction: There are different types of businesses operating all around the world for improving the living standards of human kind, whereas construction industry is providing efficient structures for domestic living, travel and business purposes. The construction industry is considered very risky field of operation due to more physical labour required for completing the projects. There are different stages of construction projects, whereas large number of workforce is completing these stagesRead MoreBtec higher national diploma2227 Words   |  9 Pagesthis unit is to give learners an understanding of individual and group behaviour in organisations and to examine current theories and their application in managing behaviour in the workplace. On successful completion of this unit a learner will: 1 Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture 2 Understand different approaches to management and leadership 3 Understand ways of using motivational theories in organisations 4 Understand mechanisms for developing effectiveRead MoreUnit 12 Assingment Brief2815 Words   |  12 PagesContent 3 Learning outcomes 3 Due Dates: 3 Scenario 3 P-1 Describe what role internet marketing has within a modern marketing context 3 P-2 Describe the principal benefits of internet marketing to customers 3 M-1 Analyse the benefits of internet marketing for customers 3 D-1 Evaluate the effectiveness of internet business 3 P-3 The benefits and opportunities to the business o 3 P-4 Investigate the challenges faced by businesses using internet Marketing 3 Delivery 3 Links to other BTECRead MoreCemex Essay1422 Words   |  6 Pagesoperations. However, allowing a foreign company to control an industry that is necessary to a country could be detrimental to the nation. 1. Which theoretical explanation (or explanations) of FDI best explains CEMEX’s FDI? 1. Internalization theory best explains CEMEX’s FDI because CEMEX entered into many countries and bought domestic cement businesses instead of licensing. CEMEX has a great system and needs to protect it from competitors. 2. What value does CEMEX bring to a host economyRead MoreThe Role Of Judges Lawyers And Lay People Within The English Courts Essay1274 Words   |  6 PagesMerit –compare and contrast the role of judges ,lawyers and lay people within the English courts. In this task I will write a report about comparing the roles of judges, lawyers and lay people within the English courts. Solicitors and barristers are both known as lawyers this term â€Å"lawyer† is used to describe anyone who is a qualified legal practitioner. One of the main differences is the job role a solicitor is a legal expert who provides expert legal advice and they come into more contact withRead MoreStarbucks and Caribou Coffee: A Comparative Analysis1664 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The two companies that are the subject of this report are Starbucks and Caribou Coffee. Starbucks operated internationally from an early point in its history, opening its 10th store in Vancouver its second market was international, before anybody in the US outside Seattle had heard of Starbucks. Now the company operates around the world. While its coffee business has not generally been built on the basis of acquisitions, it has attempted to complement that business and enter new onesRead MoreEmployee Compensation And Benefits Packages Essay1537 Words   |  7 Pagesaffect its employee’s mor ale, turnover rate and longevity; by making a strategic decision to implement compensation and benefit packages that will encourage current workers to stay and entice new applicants. Money is not always the inherent reason businesses experience high turnover rate, the constant shifting in the job market will always be a contributing factor as well as employee’s moral. Mayhew, R. (2016), explains that an â€Å"employee compensation plan† refers to all the components offered as wellRead MoreMarketing And Newsletter Marketing Strategies1244 Words   |  5 Pages1.Introduction: ConAir is a airline company and has encountered the problems with its successful marketing strategies, which gives rise to a loss of market shares. In this report, it is mainly focusing on coming up with two forms of marketing strategies embracing online marketing and newsletter marketing to solve the problem occurred in ConAir airline company. During the whole report, it is important to see the comparison of online marketing and newsletter marketing, and provide some effective and